By crushing the entire stem on the forage being harvested, The Crusher conditioning rollers decrease the dry down time (potentially allowing you to beat the rain) and allow for better leaf retention on forages such as alfalfa (thus increasing the nutritional value to the forage).  Balanced and trued to 1,000 RPM's, The Crusher conditioning rollers operate without vibration.  They run in almost any style mower conditioners, we make new rollers for most models.  Thousands of these conditioning roller sets are in operation throughout North America and Australia.

In side by side trials, The Crusher has produced faster dry down than comparable mower conditioners with factory installed rollers. 

The Crusher conditioning rollers are full contact rollers, which allow them to do a phenomenal just of crushing the stems in forages such as alfalfa.  The cut and profile of these grooves allows for even ware meaning they will stay effective far longer than OEM installed rollers; while minimizing the amount of plugging that takes place.