Silage PT

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Silage PT Produces Results

Increases growth of positive lactic acid producing bacteria
Helps protect silage and haylage from the negative effects of inadequate fermentaton
Increases dry matter retention
Helps retain valuable nutrients
Improves palatibility, weight gain, and milk production
Increases the economic value of the forage

Silage PT Increases Dry Matter Recovery And Reduces Runoff 

Silage PT is a unique fermentation product scientifically formulated to enhance and preserve your silage investment. Silage PT out performs other additives because it works with the bacteria that exist naturally in the forage. The PT (Premium Treatment) silage formula helps ensure maximum forage quality, not just during initial fermentation, but throughout the life of the silage mass. The Silage PT formula contains enzymes and additives that control and enhance fermentation without the drawbacks of other silage products.

Silage PT uses the power of bacteria not bacteria themselves to produce the silage performance seen when Silage PT is used.