First Response is an easy to use,  non-corrosive baler applied hay preservative with a host of benefits which aid in the production of high quality hay.  Serves as an amazing alternative to other existing options currently on the market.  For more details about the product and application of the product, please click on the details link down below.

Silage Si

Silage Si is our highest quality of silage treatment.  It combines the Silicone based technology used in First Response and Raincoat with the enzyme capabilities used in Silage PT.  In combining those two elements, it offers all the benefits of Silage PT; plus an added level of protection in prevention of mold and suppression of heating in lower moisture silage.

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Silage PT is a unique fermentation product scientifically formulated to enhance and preserve your silage investment. Silage PT out performs other additives because it works with the bacteria that exist naturally in the forage. The PT (Premium Treatment) silage formula helps ensure maximum forage quality, not just during initial fermentation, but throughout the life of the silage mass. The Silage PT formula contains enzymes and additives that control and enhance fermentation without the drawbacks of other silage products.

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Left Photo: Treated with First Response                                                          Right Photo: Untreated 

Alfalfa was baled at approx 24%.  Pictures were taken after 100 days of storage.  While the pictures show that quality and color of the alfalfa was substantially different, what is harder to tell is that the size of the treated bales were substantially larger high-lighting improved dry matter retention.

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Nurturite Product Line

Silage PT

Grass silage harvested in UT.  Picture on right was an example of how the grass silage typically turned out for this grower every year due to difficulties with getting a good pack, etc. The picture on the left was taken 4 months into feedlot (pile was 3/4 gone by the time the picture was taken).  Drastic reduction in mold, heating and spoilage. 

Raincoat is applied at the swather.  The concept relies on a similar silicone based concept to First Response; but is applied at the swather.  The concept has a remarkable ability of preventing mold in the field while limiting the damage rainfall and heavy dew can cause on dry hay.

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Hay PT is an enzyme based treatment applied at the swather which allows for improved dry matter recovery (via increased leaf retention).

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Hay PT

First Response